I’m not a PolSci student. Can I still publish?

ResPublica was made for all undergraduate UTSC students, regardless what program they’re enrolled in. We ask, however, that the submission be somehow related to the Political Science field. We encourage anyone interested in submitting a paper/article to get in touch with us.

I’m having a hard time deciding which article to send in, can I submit multiple entries?

No. We have a firm one-submission policy. We suggest talking to your peers and professors on advice to help you pick between the two contending works.

I’m not much of an essay writer. What other ways can I get involved?

At ResPublica, we support all kinds of writing styles. If essays are not your forte, consider writing a short article/opinion piece on relevant current events. If you have a topic idea you’re interested in writing about or for the full list of suggested topics, get in touch with our Director of Publications.

Can I submit an opinion article and a thesis article as well?

Nope, sorry. Currently, we are accepting only one work per author. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to submit an article or a thesis you’ve been working on.

What are the submission guidelines?

For full submission guidelines and details, please refer to our document HERE

When will the journal be released?

We are accepting submissions from Jan 22-Feb 29. The journal will be launched at PSSA’s AGM sometime in late March or early April. Stay tuned for further details.